Endseeker - Global Worming



  • 27.10.2023


  • Metal Blade Records


  • Sony Music


All songs written by ENDSEEKER

Recorded & Mixed by Eike Freese @ Chameleon Studios, Hamburg

Cover Artwork: Ben Liepelt


  1. Global Worming
  2. Hell Is Here
  3. Violence Is Gold
  4. Wheel Of Torture
  5. C.B.V.
  6. Terror
  7. Hanging Gardens
  8. Our Only Life
  9. Nemesis


  • Lenny: Vocals
  • Jury: Guitars
  • Ben: Guitars
  • Eggert: Bass
  • Kummer: Drums

“It’s hardly possible to make a death metal album more diverse and competent these days.” 8,5/10

“An absolute death metal-highlight of the year” 5,5/7

“Songs people could talk about in 20 years like they do about “Left Hand Path” today” 8/10

„If there is any justice in the world, then Endseeker should now be invited to dine at the Death Metal top table. This is an album that stands alongside anything else in the genre in 2023.“

“This album is huge – and will grow even larger. Sheer insanity!”

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