Mount Carcass


  • 16.04.2021


  • Metal Blade Records


  • Sony Music

Chart position:

  • #22 Official German Album Charts on 04/23/2021


All songs written by ENDSEEKER except: Escape From New York / written by Carpenter & Alan Howarth taken from the OST

Recorded & Mixed by Eike Freese @ Chameleon Studios, Hamburg

Cover Artwork: Markus “Bart” Grasseck


  1. Unholy Rites
  2. Merciless Tide
  3. Bloodline
  4. Mount Carcass
  5. Count The Dead
  6. Cult
  7. Moribund
  8. Frantic Redemption
  9. Escape From New York


  • Lenny: Vocals
  • Jury: Guitars
  • Ben: Guitars
  • Eggert: Bass
  • Kummer: Drums

“MOUNT CARCASS is an awesome, diverse record.” 6/7 –

“With MOUNT CARCASS Endseeker settled down on top-level and must be heard by and death-metal-fan who has a sense of quality” 8/10 –

“Without any doubt Endseeker hit the bullseye once again with MOUNT CARCASS” 9/10 –

“The benchmark for all death metal releases in the following weeks, months and years.” 10/10 –

“Just perfect!” 10/10 –

“This is how death metal should sound in 2021. Overall MOUNT CARCASS is the next step leading to the death metal Olympus!” 8/10 –

“The way to the top of death metal in Germany leads exclusively to Endseeker for now.” 8/10 –

“Almost impossible to do it any better than this.” 9,5/10 –